Not sure whether to buy new, used or refurbished for your next Apple product? Here are our top reasons we think refurbished is the way to go!

5. Quality

Choose a trusted company when you are going to buy an Apple product you, read reviews of that company, so you can be confident that you will receive a quality condition product. We have a product condition scale so that you know exactly what condition the product is in, and then you aren&rsquot; hit with any surprises when you receive the product in the mail. We test and clean every product and if something isn’t up to our standards we will replace it and make sure that everything is working correctly before it gets to your door.

4. Warranty

Make sure Every product that is bought through a company comes with a warranty (unless remaining original Apple Warranty or Apple Care exists). Our Apple product warranty begins the date the product is delivered to your doorstep and ensures you that we will cover parts, labour and shipping back to you if anything was to happen to the product.

We also give you the option for an extended warranty. This warranty lasts for 15 months and is a great value to cover problems that aren’t’ accidental or liquid damage, buyer negligence or software.

3. Environmental Friendly

Another great reason for buying a refurbished Apple product is that it helps save the environment! Instead of someone’s old iMac or Macbook Pro ending up sitting around or in a landfill, it is now being reused and helping to eliminate our carbon footprint. The more refurbished Macs that are bought the lower the demand is for brand new items to be made. Why not help the environment and go green with a refurbished Macs?

2. Upgrades

At mac of all trades looking for someone who offers many different upgrades that are available for both laptop and desktop computers. For example, with a Macbook there are options to upgrade memory, hard drive space, the battery and even a choice to get an Apple remote. With the iMac there are options to increase your power with additional RAM, or you are able to add various different peripherals like the Apple iSight FireWire Web Camera, LCD displays or the Apply Airport Extreme Card to make sure that you are able to do everything with your new computer that you want to do.

1. Price

Coming in at number one reason is, price. Buying a refurbished Mac can be 10-25% cheaper than what a brand new Mac would cost you, keeping more money in your pocket. A refurbished Mac is a great pick for anyone, but can especially be a great choice for students, young professionals or anyone looking for a second computer.