Refurbished MacBooks are a smart way for you to save money on that Apple laptop that you really want. Instead of paying full price for the hardware, you can get some striking deals on MacBooks that have previously been owned or used, before being tested and repaired (if needed) and sold again.

When you buy a Mac, you expect it to last a long time. After many years of study, Apple has concluded that a macOS or tvOS device will last about four years before needing a hardware repair. They say most Macs will “last significantly longer, are kept current through regular software updates, and are passed along or resold by the first owner for others to use.”

Because Apple’s computers are so reliable, you might want to consider purchasing a refurbished model to save some money. You can see savings of between 10 and 30 percent on refurbished Macs. You could use this saving to purchase one or two peripherals, software, or even afford a slightly more powerful model than if you were buying brand new.

Apple Certified Refurbished Store

There aren’t a lot of refurbished Macs available through Apple at any given time. However, the company’s inventory does tend to change often. If you can’t find the model you’ve been wanting, wait a little bit longer. Because of quick product turnover, it could show up soon. Typically you’ll have to wait a couple of months (think three, six or even 12) for the very latest Mac models to show up on the refurbished store, and they don’t last long once listed.

But how can you be sure that you’re getting the best price on your refurbished MacBook? And what sort of offers are available, in terms of warranties, shipping, and product lines? To answer these questions, you’ll need to shop around and compare the best deals and this can often be a tedious process.

As Apple is the creator of the MacBook , you may be used to visiting the Apple Store if you want to buy brand new. But did you know that Apple also sells refurbished MacBooks too? Recognizing that people don’t want to pay full price for brand new, the company has very recently gotten into the refurb market.

MAC of all Trades

If you’re looking for a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro,, Mac of All Trades is a site worth considering. It offers a robust selection of used and refurbished Mac computers.

The company has been in business for more than 20 years and it has built up an incredibly strong reputation as a trusted retailer in that time. As we outline with the points below, it’s not hard to see why.

Mac of All Trades employs an extensive and transparent testing process for its refurbished MacBooks. Its Apple technicians test the quality of the hardware and its cosmetics, including thoroughly testing all hardware components (and replacing those that fail) and cleaning and labeling an item with its specifications. When this retailer sells a device, its technicians will even retest and inspect it a second time for quality control before shipping it to you.


For millions of people around the world, Amazon is the one-stop shop for all sorts of goods. You can buy normal, everyday items such as throw pillows, phone cases, and groceries, to weird, novelty purchases such as life-sized Bigfoot statues, a headband with a mullet wig attached, and a pillow that looks like a delicious piece of salmon fish sushi. With this in mind, it makes sense that many people would turn to Amazon to buy refurbished MacBooks too.

Products sold through Amazon’s refurbished products program (officially called Amazon Renewed) are tested and certified by quality suppliers to look and work like new. Products sold through Renewed will show minimal to no signs of wear. It should be noted that Amazon works with approved third-party sellers to offer its refurbished MacBooks and so the testing process itself may vary depending on the model and offer. Though, the retailer does note that only “select sellers” are eligible to sell Certified Refurbished products on Amazon and that these sellers must maintain a high level of quality.


Mac4Sale also offers used and refurbished Macs. The items sold here are thoroughly tested and inspected and come with macOS installed. They also ship for free with a 14-day money back guarantee. Mac4Sale provides a variety of latest tech products such as Apple laptops, desktop PC’s, tablets, smartphones, and more at unbelievable prices.


All refurbished products sold by Mac4Sale are guaranteed to work 100%. Before going on sale, all of its refurbished products are tested and have their data wiped at Mac4Sale Refurbishment Center.

Mac4Sale provides three grades of Refurbished Mac

Grade A Refurbished
Grade A products are sold as-new, therefore, will show very little or no signs of use.
Grade B Refurbished
Grade B products will show light signs of cosmetic use, eg. minor scuffs, blemishes and marks. If the product has a glass screen (i.e.TVs, iPads tablets etc.) any small, light blemishes will be barely visible when the product is on.
Grade C Refurbished
Grade C products will show heavier signs of use, ie. more visible/obvious blemishes, marks and scratches. If the product has a glass screen, there will be signs of use including visible marks and scratches. All of our products undergo a thorough examination/testing process to ensure they are in fully working order and graded correctly.