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  • EAN:
  • Shoot Small Balls upto 2-Metres
  • Solid
  • Safe Construction and Operation
  • High-Tech Sensors and Stabilisation Software
  • £15.00
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Product Details:


Pilot and play like an air ace with the Parrot Mambo minidrone and your iPhone or iPad. Its unique powered accessories expand the fun, while honing your skills. Use the cannon to shoot targets during flight or switch to the grabber to carry and drop small objects. And you can even use Swift to write your own code to control Mambo’s actions. FreeFlight Mini app Connect to and control Mambo with the intuitive touch controls of the FreeFlight Mini app on your iPhone or iPad. Perform tricks and acrobatics with a double tap or swipe of the screen.


Carry objects up to 4 grams with the included grabber accessory

Shoot small balls up to 2 metres with Mambo’s detachable canon (50 balls included)

Solid, safe construction and operation

Easy piloting thanks to high-tech sensors and stabilisation software

Perform forward, backward and sideways flips with the touch of a finger

Turns 90 and 180 degrees and performs 360-degree forward and backward flips with one swipe

Take up to 30,000 "dronies" with the built-in mini-camera

Free-fall take-off lets engines start up automatically when you release drone into air

Super lightweight - only 63 to 73 grams (depending on configuration)

Manufacturer Parrot
Color Black
Display Resolution No
Product Model Parrot Mambo
Video Quality 4K
Condition Grade B
Refurbished Yes

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