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  • Logic Express 8
  • Powerfull Music Creation
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Professional Mixing and Automation

Track Mixer views simplify mixer channel navigation

Dynamic channel strip creation accelerates mixer setup and configuration

Easy setup of multi-output software instruments

Signal Flow view option shows all channel strips (e.g., Aux, Output, Master) within the audio signal path of the selected channel strip

Save/Load complete plug-in configurations using channel strip settings

Sample-accurate, track-based 32-bit automation

Track- or region-based solo and mute

Track mute/solo in either Fast or CPU-Saving mode

Solo safe mode for any channel strip

Direct insert patching of external hardware instruments and effects

Exponential or dB-linear level meter scaling

Busses as sources for recording

Inline input monitoring

Up to 255 independent mono or stereo audio channels

Up to 255 independent software instrument channels

Up to 255 auxiliary channel strips

64 busses

15 inserts, 8 sends per channel

32 multi-assignable channel groups for mix and edit

Extensive control surface support with autolearn

Support for active control surfaces via CS plug-ins

Curve tool for refining automation

EAN 1957894128091
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